Morog's Scepter - Pinnacle of Weirdness

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AuthorTopic: Morog's Scepter - Pinnacle of Weirdness
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I've been using Morog's Scepter (which I acquired in the Za-Khazi Run) for quite some time now, and now feel obligated to share with you all how bizarre this weapon is.

It is:

1. Cursed

2. A thrown missle

3. Takes no ammo

4. Gives you a Pathfinder bonus (!?!)

5. Gives you an attack bonus based on your mage skill

So what the devil is this thing? A boomerang? Does it shoot out beams? (And if so, then why can't we SEE the beams?) And what the heck are those bonuses all about? What kind of twisted mind does Morog have, anyway?

Don't get me wrong, it's a great weapon and I love it, it's just utterly, completely mind-bogglingly goofy.
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Sounds like a regular evil magic wand to me. If I made something like that I'd give it some back story. Thanks for pointing that example out. I'll probably copy that item for a magic wand.
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