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AuthorTopic: Installing Scenarios
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Im sorry if this has been said before, but could someone tell me how to install custom scenarios?
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Download them (from here is probably your best bet). Unstuff the .sit file that you get when you download -- Stuffit will do this, usually automatically. Then take the folder that you get when you unstuff -- it should be titled Roses of Reckoning or Babysitting -- and put that folder in the folder Blades of Avernum Scenarios.

If it's TM's scenario (RoR), I think you have to unstuff the graphics separately. Just double-click on it and Stuffit should do the rest.

I'm assuming you're on a Mac. If not, then it might be a tad bit different, and I've heard that the graphics files don't work for PCs yet.

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Im on Windows. Could you please explain the installation process with that system? Sorry for making you go through all this trouble.

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Okay. Get the PC version of Roses of Reckoning from TM's site, as it's the lesser of the two installs in complication level.

Put every file in the ZIP file in your Blades of Avernum folder\Blades of Avernum Scenarios\Roses of Reckoning.

Play BoA and look in your scenarios menu for it. It should be there.

EDIT : As for Babysitting, I think the procedure in question is to move every file in the relevant directory of the zip file (not the MACOSX one) to your Blades of Avernum folder\Blades of Avernum Scenarios\Babysitting. That's harder, though, since the zip file's got a screwy directory structure and seems to have all of its files duplicated.

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