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AuthorTopic: VoDT - hidden rooms
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In the School of magery student quarters the walkthrough map shows hidden rooms in the NW area and the SW area. After walking into walls all over the place I can't reach either one of them.

What did I miss?

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If you mean the room with the healing rod in the NW: You go through three locked doors, the third room has a secret entry at the northwall. You are in a room with a locked door (needs 15 tool use) and come to another room with secret door. The rod is in the last room in a blue box. (On the walkthrough map marked with D.)

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In general there are really a lot of secret rooms in VoDT, many of them containing Piercing Crystals. Since most barriers in the scenario can actually be bypassed, you can really stock up. There are also several Shattering Crystals, and although there are several areas that can only be entered with them, few if any of these areas contain anything worthwhile, let alone worth more than a Shattering Crystal. So you can stock up somewhat on SCs as well.

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