Not working demo file?

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AuthorTopic: Not working demo file?
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I downloaded BoA from SWS location 1 yesterday, when I tried to run the installer it said something about error -199 or something. if someone knows how to fix it, tell me. I wanna try the demo before I buy the game...
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Well, from what I can gather up:

1. Make sure you are running a MacOS 9 or higher (I don't know why, but it does not work on my MacOS 8 or 8.1)
2. Make sure your system is compatible to playing BoA; RAM, Resolution, HD space and that sort of thing.
3. If everything is normal and it's still not running, it might be because the file was corrupt. How big is the installer on your hard drive? A redownload might be necesarry.
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That generally means that you're trying to run a program that requires a PowerMac or a higher OS on an insufficient system.

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well, I've tried running the installer on both my old G3 and my iMac, didn't work on neighter of them. gotta be corrupted. 13,9 MB. if I have to redownload it, Im dead. cus I'm on free 28.8K and the dl took about 1.5 h. :(
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Hmm. Do you have the latest version of CarbonLib installed? It may not help, but try getting that before redownloading (you should be able to find it on

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