is it worth it?

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AuthorTopic: is it worth it?
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is this new game worth the $30? id like to know.

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Depends if you want to play scenarios or make them. If you just want to play, BoE is the better buy at this point. On the other hand, BoA is supposed to give designers a lot more freedom and such.

I can't actually vouch for BoA at this stage, as I'm on windows.

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Or if you (like me) despised the Exile interface, BoA is the superior way to go anyway.

I would suggest buying them both if you have the money... combined they are only $45 dollars (with the $10 already-owning-BoE discount on BoA), and BoE will keep you busy until BoA has a number of excellent scenarios for itself.

And BoA's only $25 dollars, by the way. And, regardless of anything else, I think it's worth it.

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is this new game worth the $30? id like to know.
Yes. I don't know where you came up wtih $30 - the game is $25 (maybe you factored in shipping...). I've been playing games since the TRS 80 (and still managed to build a career and family, guess I wasn't that devoted;-) and Spiderweb Software seems to put the best games out for the price: nicely done stories with sufficient graphics and a decent user interface.

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From what i've seen/played, all the recent offerings are worth the money. Now I just need to wait until payday :)

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