A visit to the madhouse scenario question

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AuthorTopic: A visit to the madhouse scenario question
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I'm playing this scenario and the cheif is asking me to infiltrate the bad people(I forget who they were.) Well I found the area to infiltrait (I think) but I can get in any of the secret passages and Move Mountains at lvl 3 doesn't work. Can anyone help me? There also is no walkthrough.

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You have to talk to Scab, in the inn. Then when you come into the Madhouse, Crosby will be friendly. If he's not, don't kill him, save, quit, and reload. (I had problems with him still being hostile after I talked to Scab.)

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This scenario has not yet been released. My advice: don't play it yet. It has no doubt been bundled with a bad script. In a week or so I hope to get it out properly, with a walkthrough, a readme and so forth.

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