Bahssikava temple?

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AuthorTopic: Bahssikava temple?
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Okay, I must have just missed something. But I'm stuck and the hints file doesn't help. (I'm running with Bahssikava v1.0.9 and BoA v1.1.2)

In Ancient Bahssikava, I have gotten Khasspar's blessing, and have ended the curse by sanctifying the altar. But the doors to the east of the library between the two obelisks are still locked. I presume this is where the temple is that I need to go through next.

Any suggestions on what I might have missed?

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Sorry for being slow to respond by e-mail. It's been a while since I've looked at Bahssikava, so I had to look this up.

This is the relevant bit of the walkthrough.

"There are two secret passages where you can find things that you need, one in the southwest room that had the altar, and one in the northwest room. Search both and move on to the east to the temple."

The key that you need to unlock the door is behind the secret passage at (1,28) in Ancient Bahssikava. You can use the special ability Party Location to figure out your coordinates if needed.

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Weird. I had been in that secret room twice, and looked in all the chests both times, and not found what I needed! All I remember finding was an energy elixir.

It must have been one of those things where my mouse clicking was a little off, and both times I accidentally clicked on one of the other chests twice and didn't realize it. Something small like that can REALLY throw off your game!

Thanks a lot for pointing me (back) in the right direction!

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