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AuthorTopic: Express Delivery is Released
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Express Delivery was sent to the judges of the 1/10 contest last night. It can already be downloaded publically, as well. The database has it, and it's on my site here:

(Note: The location of the beta versions has changed - they're below this under beta/ now - but it's still protected)

A nice page with screenshots and description is pending.

Edit: An index page has been added at this place that contains neat descriptions, a making-of, credits and (soon) screenshots.

Oh, and of course links to download the scenario.

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Attention everyone, line 31 in t0backus.txt should read:

if (get_flag(2,6)==1 && get_flag(0,7)<2)

I'll see if I can update this, if someone would like to resubmit the script to read this, send it to the 1/10 address.

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