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AuthorTopic: Echoes: Renegade
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TM needs more betatesters for Echoes: Renegade, now that he's fixed the bugs that previously prevented PC users from beating the scenario.

Leave your information here if you're interested and he'll get back to you.
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My email is
I use a Windows XP Home Edition.
I don't have any beta testing experience but I've practiced scripting with the editor

I have a three day weekend coming up so I should be able to devote some time to testing.
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Previous beta experience: recently did the public beta of Exodus, but o/w no BoA beta experience (lots of other programs, though)
Previous scripting: am in the process of doing a small first scenario with a few funky things
Platform: Win XP Pro
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Email: peaguyslostbrother(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)au
System: Windows XP Pro
Testing Experience: For BoA, only the Exodus public beta.
Other: I'm practicing scripting on a small scenerio, and I usually find even the smallest bugs when testing (I've tested for games outside BoA.)

My username?

It's a long story.
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System: Windows XP Pro, Win 98, Win 2000, Win 98SE
Testing Experience: Undead Valley, Exodus, Rats Aplenty, A2Template
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On Behalf of TM:

I've sent out a new beta. That is all.

Gamble with Gaea, and she eats your dice.

I hate undead. I really, really, really, really hate undead. With a passion.
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First report sent.
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