Official Wish List (Thus Far)

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AuthorTopic: Official Wish List (Thus Far)
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Here is a tally of what we want to include into the BoA editor ranked by number of votes. If you wish to add suggestions (remember we only want about 5-10 of the ideas you think are the best), reply to the topic Wish List Selection:;f=15;t=000023

(4) Spell Editor (ability to create/edit damage types, damage range, spell cost, etc.)
(3) Monster Attitude Idea
(3) Skill Editor; allowing the designer to tweak aspects of a skill (what abilities [+ hit%, +HP, etc] skill contributes to, cost, etc.) along with creating custom skills.
(3) Ability to control and check party make up and stats (add/remove PCs at will, check skills, etc.)
(2) Ability to create preset parties for scenarios that the player is obligated to use. These can have set stats or just a number of skill points to be distributed how the player wishes depending on the will of the designer. (Saves the player from having to create parties of specific levels or designers from having to create these silly party builders)
(2) Individualized races (you still get three of them, but you can edit race names, advantages, and graphics); this will allow designers to create individualized universes for their scenarios.
(2) Custom graphics tool for easy insertion into a sheet.
(1) Bring back dialogue pics but make them optional! They are nice art and a good way to set the mood for the scenario. Text messages are just too bland without them. Also, the intro graphics on the scenario menu are nice. (This should not be too difficult to modify in the engine)
(1) Ability to do math with and evaluate SDFs much like variables.
(1) Customizable sound/music (MIDI or MP3) files.
(1) Ability to make monsters vulnerable\resistant\immune to damage types, including different types of weapon damage (edged, bashing, missile, etc.)
(1) An Initiate Talking command.
(1) An affect lighting command.
(1) Link standard item use to special scripting.
(1) Customisable trainers. (i.e. adjustable prices, can make them only train in one area, etc.)

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