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AuthorTopic: BASICS of scripting
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I've lightly read the documents that came with the BoA editor, and some of the FAQs and articles written by the BoA community. Is there a document or walkthrough that I could view? I don't understand how the game loads the script into my scenario. Are the special commands or strings? I need to know how to structure a script, when/how to use calls, how to use special encounters, memory cells, etc.

The basics.

If anyone knows and/or can assist me it would be appreciated!
(i.e. give me a page number I missed in the Docs, a scenario script to look at, or a webpage)

Just did. Hm... I dislike Notepad.
On the upside, it looks like I can stop trying.

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It sounds like you should take a look at the pre-packaged scenarios, like Valley of the Dying Things.

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