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AuthorTopic: Attention Windows Users
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How to download the Windows Editor v. 1.0.3

1) goto scenario workshop page

2) right-click either the ftp or http link then select COPY

3) go up to your address bar and click in it to highlight what is already there

4) still in the address bar, right-click and select PASTE

the file name should be:

5) with the address bar unlighted, cursor over to the left of the .zip and enter the following four characters:


the completed file name is should look like:

6) now press enter or return or what ever it is on your keyboard

OR click the following:

version 1.0.3 of BoA Editor

At 5.50MB, it will take a while to download the lastest version --- guess JV was too busy packing to noticed the file name in the link didn't match what was in the directory. :rolleyes:



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Ah, thanks, hadn't even thought of that, I must admit. :/

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