Endurance in Avernums

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AuthorTopic: Endurance in Avernums
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I noticed, while playing Avernum 3 the other day, that Endurance appears to have it's effect on HP when a PC levels, increasing the amount of HP gained upon leveling, rather than acting as a multiplier with level for bonus HP.

Is this function of Endurance consistant across all the Avernum games, including BoA? If so, it certainly encourages front-loading one's Endurance
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I am not totally sure about what you are saying or asking. Having 8 endurance at level 10 will give you the same amount of health as would getting 8 endurance in the very beginning and progressing to level 10 without spending any more points in endurance. The amount of extra health you get per level of endurance increases at roughly 1 HP point every 2 levels, but remember that this affects all your endurance points.

Grrr... This post is a bit confusing.

Maybe a comparison would work better. Let's say you gain 1 health every level for every point of endurance you have, and the base health is 0. If you have 8 points of endurance at the start and level up to level 8, you will get 64 health in the end. But if you start with 1 endurance and keep adding a point per level until you are level 8, you'd end up with 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36 health.

But in the Avernum system you'd have the same amount regardless of of when you spend the points of endurance in the end.

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Actually, your post was quite clear. Much more so than you found mine, apparently.

My experience in Avernum 3 was actually quite the opposite of what you describe. Adding more Endurance late in the game did not give me more HP, as I would expect it to if it worked as you describe. I'll double check, though.
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Whenever you add a level of endurance, you gain (level/2) HP.

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That's what I've experienced in all the Avernum games. There is no advantage to gaining a skill earlier as opposed to later, since all the numbers are completely recalculated whenever any variable changes.

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