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AuthorTopic: Loading scripts?
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I am creating a new town, and I have written a town script and a town dialogue script for it. Both match up well to the scripts which come with the pre-packaged scenarios. I want one character to speak, and I have set his memory cell 3 to be 1, the first node of the dialogue for this town. When I try to talk to him, it says that I have tried to initiate dialogue without loading a dialogue script. The files are correctly named; how do I load my script, then?
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I get the same problem sometimes. Check your towndlg syntax. If it is wrong, it will show in the box thingy when you play the game, the left down one, all errors in the townscripts. AND MAKE SURE that in town details in the town menu, the upper right box that is blank contains the name of your town script without the .txt at the end. as long as the town script of dialouge has dlg right at the end, then it "should" work.
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