badly needed: x, y coords!

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AuthorTopic: badly needed: x, y coords!
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Is there no way to get an exact set of x,y coords in the Editor? ie display the coords by clicking somewhere on the map!

This is especially important for getting the data to set create_horse and create_boat <one does't like water and other won't travel on land>. Off by even one step may mean disaster.


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Center the screen on the space. It will tell you the coordinates in the bottom right corner.

Or better, get BetterEditor - it has such a feature.

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Sometimes, the terrian you are selecting is so close to the edge you cant center it. Align at least one cordinate, y or x, with the space. Count the spaces and add or subtract the proper number of the unknown cord. But this is rare! Must of the time your cord can be centered. It is four spaces from each side up, down, left, and right to the center square.
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