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AuthorTopic: Shops
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How do you make a shop?
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You need to know how to script and read the editor documentation.

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Where do you learn to Script?


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It's all explained in the documentation. Nobody is going to walk you through it, so just play around with scripts and learn for yourself.

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Well ole wise Axerax is back, due to dum dum dum daaaa, BoA and i'm here to tell ya scripting isn't that hard, atleast not on this editor, try using RPG Maker 2003 that is "Hella" hard, you have no manual to look at its all in your mind this new way of making games will be different, i even had to design how the characters moved in the game...(pain)...but enough about that, it should be really fun, i hope you like it as much as I am! -axerax-

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