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AuthorTopic: Timers
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Are timers in any way possible in BoA?

The most obvious way, as I saw it, was to do the following -

if(get_flag(0,0) == 5)
code chunk

Unfortunately, when I put this in the START_STATE in a town script, it tells me I have an improper command. I figured this was because the game thought I was creating an eternal loop (though I wasn't - the code I'm using is a bit more complex then that), but I'm not entirely sure what to do about it. I also tried it with variables.

Any ideas for making this work, or an alternative timer?

Scrap that. I found me a workaround -

beginstate START_STATE;

if(get_flag(180,1) == 0)
timer = get_current_tick();

if((get_current_tick()) == (timer + 6))
add_dialog_str(0,"This is working",0);


Where timer is (obviously) a variable.

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If I'm understanding you correctly, and you're wanting an event that happens every nth tick, an alternative would be:

if ((get_current_tick() % n) == 0) {
// do stuff here

(where n is the number of ticks between occurences). Of course, that doesn't allow you to start on a particular tick and then every nth one after that... it just hits every nth one starting with the next multiple of n.

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No - it's linking into a creature script, where the monster teleports away for five turns, then returns. Your's would be better alternatively, though.
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