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i have a few questions on what you can and cant do. Can you block the player from selecting a race or a sex of character? can the game sense sex in the same way it senses race ?(just asking becasue i was thinking of creating a family member for a scenario, and the family member would have to know the relationship). and finally how easy is it to pick up the editor?

Thanks in advance

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No, you can't block a player from choosing a race and no you can't sense gender.

Familiarity with a programming language supposedly helps in picking up the editor. I found it relatively easy without knowledge of programming. It depends on how easily you pick things up and how much time you're willing to devote to it.
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Gender is entirely a cosmetic decision, and it can be changed on a whim. There's no way to check for it at all.

You can check for race, and if you want to you can put scripts that block the player from progressing if they have (or don't have) characters of a certain race in their party.

—Alorael, who would say the scripts are much easier to use if you are familiar with C/C++. That said, they're not terribly difficult, although the complicated scripting tricks may take longer.
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Blades of Avernum is designed so any player can take any party into any scenario. The tools given to scenario designers to circumvent this are very limited.

There is currently no way to determine the gender of a character.

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ok so i cant block people from playing a certain race. but how do i explain a slith in the middle of the empire? in other words, what has been done in BOE scenarios?

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BoE scenarios generally ignore the question of the PCs' race, since in BoE there's no way to check for it. Where it comes up, most tacitly assume an all-human party.

BoA can check for race, but it would be very bad form to kick parties with non-humans out of your scenario.

As for explaining their presence in the party, Nephilim, while rare, are found on the surface, and some Sliths came up with the exiles at the end of Avernum 3 and a few may have migrated around the world. A Nephil in an Empire city would be unusual but not unheard-of, and a Slith would be exceptional but not impossible.

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