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Well any ways is there any way you can have the exit of the level in the middle instead of a side, if so that would be cool...only saying this to find out what others think.. mainly also cause i'm to lazy to try it with BoE... hehe oh well, does it work?

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I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but it sounds possible. The exit from a town is anywhere beyond the sides of the town, and the entrances can be set to anywhere you'd like. The only difficulty with exits is in trying to make an exit that is not on the outer boundary of the town.

—Alorael, who is doesn't know if BoA will correct this one problem or not. Even if it doesn't, there are some ways to work in central exits if you really want to.
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In BoE, you can't leave town except by moving to the edge of town. You can, however, have a Move Party node in the middle of town that transports the party just beyond the edge of town, where taking a step in any direction will cause them to leave.

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Unfortunately, stairway nodes can't move the party outdoors. Neither can any other node. That's why the solution is to use a node to relocate the party outdoors and to put the party into a location in the town where any step takes the party out of the town.

—Alorael, who doesn't think it would be too hard for Jeff to program a fix for this. Maybe someone should point this out for BoA just in case a central exit is of vital importance in someone's scenario.
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