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Hey, does anyone have the codes for the character ediotr, like the item codes. (I'm not registered, stop snorting at me...) I've looked around and all I can find is scenarios so...
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Item codes, I believe, are scenario specific. Look in the scenario file to determine the list of items and put the corresponding number in.

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The item list varies from scenario to scenario, depending on how the author designs his/her custom items.

And if you can't find the base list, you aren't looking hard enough...
I managed to find one within a minute of opening Internet Explorer (using high-speed, granted).

There are several ways of creating your own, if you feel ambitious. My favorite is going into the Character Editor and giving your party each item, one by one.
It isn't the fastest or easiest way to compile such a list, but it discourages cheating. :D

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Sweet! Thanks!
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