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AuthorTopic: best scenario to start with
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i bought blades just for the game play.. should i start with the first scenario? whats the best one to start with?
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Definitely Valley of Dying Things (the pre-packaged one). Until amateur scenario designers increase the number of scenarios to Blades of Exile numbers, it will be hard to find four scenarios as fleshed-out as the four pre-packaged ones (there are a few notable exceptions, but those aren't at low levels). Besides, for the full Avernum experience, it's best to play scenarios created by the maker of the game.

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There is a fair variety of scenarios for low levels (Roses of Reckoning, Babysitting, The Cave of No Return, Death at Chapman's, A Perfect Forest, Lord Putidus, Nine Variations on Point B), but probably the best to start with is The Valley of the Dying Things.

Bear in mind that there are many different kinds of scenarios, so regardless of what you think of VoDT, there are plenty of other scenarios that you can play that are nothing like that.

Check out CSR for a list with reviews that may be more helpful than Spiderweb's reviews.

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