wheres the faq for this game?

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AuthorTopic: wheres the faq for this game?
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i looked everywhere on here and google. if it does exist, someone should sticky it to the forums.
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Each scenario comes with some kind of walkthrough, depending on the author. You will find it in the scenarios directory.

The game itself comes with a pdf instructions file, but you should check here for interesting articles on scenario design. Also, look for Kelandon's Pink and Pretty Page for a comprehensive list of BoA websites. He also hosts a FAQ for both players and designers. I believe that stuff is found here.

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^ This pdf BoA manual contains also a walkthrough for VoDT .

BoA walkthroughs in general are further found on Gizmo's True Site for Blades. Not every scenario has a walkthrough yet. Engaged authors are always welcome to add them :)

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