Scenario Contest Winners - Please Read

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AuthorTopic: Scenario Contest Winners - Please Read
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Hello Contest winners,

Congratulations again of course. This is about how to get your free game from us. Just send an email to


1. Email us which game you want. It will be sent on CD, but if you have a registration code you can ask for an unlocking key as well. The exception is TM, who gets to ask for 3 free games.

2. Say whether you want the hintbook: YES or NO. We won't automatically send it.

3. Most importantly- Your complete shipping address and name. We do not have an address on file for you in the contest database I set up. So please save me the detective work.

4. Yes, you can have Avernum 4. But of course you will have to wait for it to be done. The mac version will be ready in late 2005 (we hope), and the Windows version about 3 months later.

Thanks all, and I hope you enjoy your free game.


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these guys are nice! dunno any other games companies that would give away 500 dollars and free gmaes etc!

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