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I keep getting an error message when I kill the bandit leader in Cresent Valley. Any suggestions?
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From what I've heard, the error is sporadic and affects all Windows users. Apparently there is something about bad graphics that causes that error, I think Thuryl mentioned that it happens when trying to load a non-existent part of a graphics file. The bandit leader's graphics are in file G512.bmp and it appears that they are all there. Maybe someone that does stuff can check it out.

As far as getting around it, it doesn't happen every time. Just save your game before that fight and hope that "this time" it doesn't give that message.

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Originally written by Kelandon:

Well, I'm at least pretty sure that Salmon is losing.

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Thanks. I followed your advice and wondered elsewhere in the game for a bit and returned to kill the bankdit leader.
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There's a good possibility that the crash is caused by the 'clear_town' call called when the leader is killed. I have a new version that replaces the clear_town with other coding, but have been busy with other things so haven't had a chance to send it to SW yet. Give me a couple of days to package it up and I'll get it to SW. Hopefully, this will solve it for people who do get the exception, I have not been able to duplicate this problem on my Windows setup, so at best, it's a stab in the dark.
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