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THE PEARL: You are ordered to execute someone.

Who is it? Did he/she deserve it? Do you succeed? Do you even obey the order? Is this how the scenario starts, or ends, or does it happen somewhere in the middle? All these questions and more are to be answered by - YOU!

To enter the Pearl Contest, you need to design a scenario that includes the above plot point. The context in which this happens is up to you. It can be a moral dilemna, a tragic event, or the impetus for something great, or something else entirely. The more central this event is to the story, and the more unique your version of this basic idea is, the better.

For clarification: "Execution" here means more than just "There are some pesky goblins nearby. Kill them." but does not necessarily have to be an official noose/guillotine affair with a trial and everything.

The deadline is the end of September. Judging will be done by discussion. The primary concern is the quality of the scenario, though how original the approach to the Pearl itself is and how integral it is to the story will also be a factor.

Both BoE and BoA scenarios will be eligible, though they may or may not compete directly against each other.

Entries are to be sent to tomwatts (at) berkeley(dot) edu.

What are you waiting for? GO!

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