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AuthorTopic: Calculations
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This has probably been discussed before, but can any tell me where to find a list (if one exists) of calculations concerning how damage is calculated in relation to melee/strength skills (or other skills if possible) of your characters etc?

I'm specifically, wondering about how skills such as Magery or Gymnastics affect your fighting skills.

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Er, Magery doesn't affect your melee ability, as far as I know. For magic, each point of Magery gives +1 to your Bonus on both mage and priest spells.

As for Gymnastics, I *think* each point gives +5% to hit, +5% to evade and +1 to initiative, but haven't tested it.

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These are really common questions perhaps somebody should create an article outlining all the base values and skill effects on characters abilities. Some of its in the manual I think but who looks there.

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I'm willing to add this content to the Player FAQ. I guess I'll have to dig around old topics to get to the place where this has been answered before.

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That would be really helpful. Iv been playing Avernum Exile games for a long time, but still don't understand all the nuances of damage and skill effects. Probably most players don't entirely understand the system.

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