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i apologise in advance for my eagerness and impatience, i was just wondering wen BoA should be out...

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Um, *? If you're going to put a "Brain eating" link in your sig you should at least give it a different name.

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Well, if you're that eager, why don't you aid me in my prospected MMORPG.

It won't be too difficult to make, and it will be Avernum based.

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UA Forums? Please, call them either TBH or pegerCer, Mot.. ;)

I'll try to help you with MC if I find enough time, patience, and knowledge, and if you bring us the graphical version soon.. [FIX UP ANY BAD ENGLISH, YAY!]

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Done, also, it was not MC that I was reffering to. I'm talking about an AV based MMORPG; Completely online.

I dropped you a line on your IRC, ( Both, UA and Luke. ) giving you the Jyst of the project.

If anyone else would like to talk to me about it, check out the thread, "Hold on there a second, fella." and you can find out there.

- Anyhoo, since we've all seen when BoA will be released now, perhaps this thread should receive a close?

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