Linearity is God's Gift to Humanity!

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AuthorTopic: Linearity is God's Gift to Humanity!
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"Linearity is God's gift to humanity."

Defend or refute.
Please do so in this thread as a curtesy to our fellow board users, please confine our discussion to this thread.

For the purposes of this debate:
1) "Linear" means a scenario with a single storyline that is the same, and done more or less the same order every time it is played.
2) "God's gift to humanity" means the same thing as "a really good thing" and should be considered without prejudice to any religion, sect, cult, theological or philisophical position, or lack thereof, nor to any creatures outside of the species h. sapiens (or h. sapiens sapiens, depending on how you feel about the different taxinomical classifications) who happen to play Blades of Avernum or make scenarios for it.

NB: While I know this may seem kinda tounge in cheek, I am trying to concentrate this argument in one thread so that we can let the rest of the board return to its main function.
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I will accomplish this with a thread you will see soon.

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