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AuthorTopic: Lost Important Items
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I need some help. I am one of those people who sells everything of value even if I have a ton of money. Long story short, when I was at Marralis selling some School of Magery loot, I sold the Opening Stone by accident :mad: . Is there any way to remedy this foul-up. Also, I need to know where I can get the special sheild from the first scenario not the Ichor one the other :confused: . Then if you can tell me where to find the pants of power it would be appreciated. :(

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Well, you could just buy the Opening Stone back. If not, you could give yourself the Opening Stone item via the Character Editor. It's item 478.

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:D Thanks a lot big dawg!! I could find out what item it was. Now what about the whole Pants of Power and that other special shield? :confused:

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Both should be in the lower school, near to where you find the tunnel to the Vahnatai (one or two floors away).

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