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So I just finished the skylark vale thing, and I found it pretty boring. I mean, it's just lacking a bigger picture. Does this bother anyone? It seems to me that there's a need here to create more unknown elements, as if the learning process in this game happens almost too quickly. I'd like anyone's comments, esp. those in this business, because it's a great company, but just needs, I think, a bit of a kick to make everything more exciting.
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You're not the only one to hold this opinion. There will be plenty of third-party scenarios made that are better than any of Jeff Vogel's scenarios.

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According to CSR, there are five scenarios that we like better than VoDT, including three third-party scenarios.

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I think that, even though people have reasons why I might be wrong, that VoDT was what the vahnatai(I forgot her name, the evil one with the plagues of monsters)In Avernum 3 said was gonna happen. In other words: some vahnatai are evil!!

P.S. what IS the name of the vahnatai at the end of A3?? and also,yes this post is a little confusing. I'm kinda tired..

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Too many games just seem to involve going to one corner of the map and bashing the hell out of goblins or something else just because they are there. It doesn't effect gameplay and all it gets you is a little experience. Things should go a bit differently after you do something big.

After you commit genocide and perform the impossible, people should start treating you differently depending on their affiliation. Shop keepers should lower their prices or bring new items for sale, either because they respect you or fear you. Enemy leaders should be willing to bargain or will perhaps ally themselves with other leaders to plot your destruction. Your own leader should be willing to offer help, even sending troops in some special encounters.

I just think that your actions should mean something to the course of the story, even if doesn't change the final outcome of the story.
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