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(this is a new topic because when i checked "Yo,Thuryl", it was closed)*i, do you have respect for those with weakened hands?Do you know how hard it is?!!!!IT ISN'T!!!!I can't do chin-ups, I am not able to do much of anything that has something to do with hands!!!!Do you want to torture me like in that last post in "Yo,Thuryl!"(second post,you know that one.)I'm sorry about not being able to replie there,but I wan't able to because(see beginning of topic). :mad: AND DON"T BAN ME, I would have replied there, but I'm so forgetful(so I didn't check in time).

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The reason that was blocked was presumably because it was (or became) nothing to do with BoA, so no new posts were wanted. Therefore thios post isn't really at all neccasary (it might, although its a small chance, have survived in General, but I'm guessing this is gonna be getting gun)

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