The Cave of No Return

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AuthorTopic: The Cave of No Return
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After you defeat the lich's minions for the second time, it brings up a message saying that you should now check out the GraveStones 'Hint,hint,nudge,nudge.' I can't figure out what to do now. I've looked at all the GraveStones, and nothing happens.
Please help me.

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notice how when you look at the tombstones the fires in the brazirs move? try reading the tombstones in the correct order to get all of them lit

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The order you're meant to read them is the same order in which the sentences appear in a book on the previous floor. (It would have been nice if that book had been an item you could take with you. Oh well.)

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Effectively, you can take the book with you if you click on the record/book icon when reading it. This records the contents of that message in your journal, which you may access at a later time; for instance, when you are trying to figure out the puzzle.
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