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Hey, is this still active? Well, anyway, I need some help with the Laser Maze (is that what it's called.) It's the one where bombs continually drop and lasers go off all over the place in SubTerra prime.


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You might have better luck asking at that forum; it's where all the SubTerra activity has gone.

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The level is quite simple, if you're able to dodge the lasers. If the laser is going towards a certain wall that you want destroyed, but a gem is in the way, simply take the gem. If there isn't, and you have to find a way, just find one gem that, if the laser hits it, will deflect the laser to the brick. Then find a way to get the laser to hit it.
There are two lasers to make things easier, but you have to know from which direction gems are getting hit, and if you can do that, the only other thing you need to know is how to dodge the lasers while doing your work.
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