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Okay, I can't figure out what to do in
the level "Fourty-Two", with the binary numbers.
Also, I can't get "Calcuation". Some help with these levels will be most appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

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In forty-two you just have to think of two numbers that add up to 42, then convert them into binary. (If you don't know how to convert into binary I'm not telling you.) Then place rocks on the barriers according to the binary numbers - for a 1 you put a rock, for an 0 you put no rock. Simple.

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And so... like two does two rocks, and three does three rocks. Is it that?

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I don't think you understand me.
Lets say your two numbers are 4 and 10. (They don't add up to 42 though so don't try them).
Now convert them into binary:
4: 100
10: 1010
So put rocks on the green barriers according to the binary numbers:
0 0 1 0 0

0 1 0 1 0

where B = barrier.
For 1 put 1 rock, for 0 put 0 rocks. Simple.
(I can't remember how many green barriers there were so I'm putting five here. Actually I think there were six or seven.)
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