Second Galactic Core Historical Society Competition

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AuthorTopic: Second Galactic Core Historical Society Competition
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(Incidentally, should we retain the above name or change to Richard White Games Historical Society. I favour the former but I'm interested to hear opinions.)

The format will be different from the last competition (for which see most of the threads between December 2003 and February 2004 on this board.)

This time, you will still have to submit 8 images but the criteria will not be so restrictive.

Your task is to connect Jean Paul Marat and George Foreman's Grill in six steps. Normally, the sixth step would be George Foreman's Grill, but since you can have 8 images in a post, we're going to do 6 intervening images.

Therefore your first two images are




but your other 6 pictures can be of whatever you so wish provided you can justify the connections.

You must use all steps. At a pinch, you can use the same person twice but only for one person and the images must be different.

However, this competition is in two parts. All entries must also contain an original piece of verse extolling a Chinese revolutionary. The verse must be in iambic pentameter or heroic hexameter but it may be of any length.

Good luck!

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verse (vûrs)

1. A single metrical line in a poetic composition; one line of poetry.
2. A division of a metrical composition, such as a stanza of a poem or hymn.
3. A poem.

I draw your attention to the first definition. Given that not everyone knows anything at all about Chinese history, how short would something have to be to still be called verse, assuming it's in one of the agreed formats? I'm not agin research, but there are certain limits.


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(not quite part of the competition yet. will add later.
(BiT: I vote for changing the title, the Historical Society adds a certain snobbish panache. Perhaps an additional word to Historical Society, to make it sound, er, more elegant? Perhaps we can squeeze in the qord incunabulum, though that certainly limits the scope of the society to pre-16th century and only books. The Richard White Incunabula Historial Society? Or The Richard White Historical Incunabula Society?

(E: Is Polaris all right? My servant, I mean server can't find it.)



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I think two lines would be fine. After all, the composition won't be that simple. Nevertheless, doing more is bound to help when the entries are judged.

Also, the George Foreman grill is not the second but the last image that should be posted.

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