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[Advertisement excised. Read the Code of Conduct.] I am specially interested in high quality remakes after old hits such as Galaga, Space Invaders, etc.... These games are great, and I would like to have as many of them as possible.

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I see.

Those are all very most excellent questions. What I am most wanting to know is why the venue you have chosen for that question is this one. Please to elucidate and otherwise explain unto me your rationality for that messsage.

Thanking you in advance.

Originally written by Kelandon:

Well, I'm at least pretty sure that Salmon is losing.

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I give this first post a 30% chance of bot. If not, read the Code of Conduct. No advertising here, thanks.

—Alorael, who prefers the original old games to most remakes. Spiffy graphics always seem to come with a sad assortment of failures to craft a decent remake.
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