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AuthorTopic: Illuminati
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Sometimes, hanging around on these boards, I think I detect veiled hints and rumors about, like, secret societies or something.

So I wondered. Anyone here ever play the old Steve Jackson game, Illuminati?

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I've played it and it's fun, but it gets most of the organizations so wrong it's just not realistic. It's also missing some of the better conspiracies, but I suppose that's to be expected.

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By SoT:
So I wondered. Anyone here ever play the old Steve Jackson game, Illuminati?
No, although I have played Jackson's Munchkin. :)

Anyway, you learn something new everyday. Today I found that I've been wrong for a long time and that Operation Sundevil actually had nothing to do with the Secret Service raid on Steve Jackson Games.

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If you're interested, here's an interview with Steve Jackson scanned from Games Master International August 1990 which reveals all.
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