Level Editor for Lost Souls?

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AuthorTopic: Level Editor for Lost Souls?
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When playing Lost Souls recently, I was disappointed it didn't come with a level editor and then got to wondering if anyone's created one, as a separate application. I don't think there is, but you never know.

For one thing, not many people have registered Lost Souls. Secondly, from what I can tell, the data files — of which there seem to be none (the information being instead embedded within the application, I suppose, as is the case with Galactic Core) — are anything but tinker-friendly. And lastly, I expect nobody cares enough to exert themselves to such lengths merely so they can create more abysmal maps.
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No, there isn't a level editor. If there were, I'd be tempted to register.

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Originally written by Vizhunairee:

is the most promising of the RWGs.
Yes, but with that kind of competition...

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The least of the nightmares, I guess.

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If there were a level editor, I would register.

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