Democracy Off The Mark! or not selecting this year's cult slogan.

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AuthorTopic: Democracy Off The Mark! or not selecting this year's cult slogan.
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Because blatant duality seems to be the theme here, I think we can safely say it's time for a bit of election rigging, McCarthyism, and fake candidates. Voting for anything other than the president of iraq, um, slogan that the US, um, Icshi wants to win will have your name placed upon a list of people we want to make dissapear.

Also, to make it a bit easier the candidates that Icshi doesn't want you to vote for may have been portrayed in a slightly negative light. This is purely accidental.

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My implants tell me that the central organizing and car pool committee will be very pleased with you. Very pleased indeed!

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You spelled yuo wrong.

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I think it's 'j00', but whatever.

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Of course, we can have a second 'dummy' slogan, as a cover for our real slogan. I suggest, "RWG: come for the shareware, stay for the unspeakable dark secrets". But which slogan would be real, and which dummy, would of course be Need To Know.

(For those who haven't read enough bad spy novels, this means that you only get to know if the order thinks you need to. Evidently it thinks we all need to know this.)

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Our dummy slogan should obviously be Richard White Games: Keep laughing. GC2 is loading.

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