An Exhaustive Semi-Chronological Short History of the White Cult

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AuthorTopic: An Exhaustive Semi-Chronological Short History of the White Cult
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This one was too tempting not to try.

EDIT: Also, this.

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Originally written by Icshi:

Yes, that would be most helpful. Thanks, Isaac.


This happened two years in a row! Oh, Cruel Fate, you cut me to the quick! Why, oh why, should I, a shy bookworm, be selected for your vile amusement! What twisted whim set me in your sights? What demented pleasure do you gain from my unceasing torment? Why wrack my fragile heart with your coldly calculated ironies?

That's all the happened to you?

Why, when I was a college student, I lived on the same floor as a bunch of aspiring gangsta-rappers (they were engineering students). In an effort to remove themselves from the ranks of nerd-dom, they turned to the liberation of gangsta-style. These self-styled criminals (suburban white kids from the best prep schools, mind you, whose worst deed seems to have been raiding the liquor cabinet at the local country club.) would incessantly hold night-long parties that mostly consisted of wearing sports jerseys and turning the base ALL the way up until we all thought an earthquake was occurring.

The ineffectual RA, a hyena of a man who had plans to enter politics, decided that the best way to handle the situation was to flee the dorms and live with his girlfriend. Truly an inspiring role model worthy of inclusion in Kennedy's "Profiles in Courage".

And all you had to deal with was having the same name as your alpha-male room mates?


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The other Isaacs weren't my roommates, they just lived on the same hall a few doors down in either direction. Therefore your argument is totally invalid. I therefore win the misery contest. :P
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