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AuthorTopic: Question on Creature Leveling
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If someone could answer this with a minimum of spoilers, I would appreciate it. I am working on the demo version of Geneforge and will likely order the full version shortly. I don't get how creature leveling works. I have two fyora who were level 8 and became level 9. However, their str, dex, etc. stayed at 8 instead of going up to 9 after level up (unless I spend essence to artificially increase). If I up my fire shaping by 1 and summon a new fyora, he is more powerful than the ones that leveled up "naturally." The manual says that when a creature levels up, its "health, spell energy and basic statistics improve." This doesn't appear to be the case. Please explain. Thanks for the help. I posted this in General as well in the hope of an answer.
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Creations gain stat increases with every two levels if these levels are gained by experience alone (or every even experiene level). However, if a creation is made anew, then it gains one stat point for each level it starts with. Hence new creations are almost always better than ones who have been around with you for a while. This is an unfortunate feature of the game that was fixed in GF2.

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