Buried Cells - doors won't open???

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AuthorTopic: Buried Cells - doors won't open???
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I'm new to the game so bear with me please. I have run a search and founf no results.

I am in Buried Cells. I approach doors and the SOUND of the coor opening occurs, but the doors won't actually open. The text message says nothing about needing living tools or not having enough skills... there's no hint at what to do. Can you help?

summary: Standing at a door... the "opening" sound occurs but the door doesn't open.

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Have you talked to the Servant Mind in the area already? You will have to feed him before he will help you open the doors.

You can get more detailed walkthrough from Shrodinger's faq (which is where I got above info from): http://www.gamefaqs.com/computer/doswin/game/562951.html (Also linked at the top of the page.)

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