time to finish geneforge in first time

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AuthorTopic: time to finish geneforge in first time
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As i posted on the avernum trilogy,I like the game, but i found a BIG problem, a common problem in most rpg games, there is no time or clock. So something weird and annoying happens, more time you take to end the game , EASIER it is to finish :S. Personally when i want a challenge, i need the time to be over me. If i have all the time i want to end the game, or even worse, more time i take to end the game is easier, it seems pointless to me to play.
So i'm asking if anyone who finished the game reasonable fast, can tell me how much time it was so i can try to break that time, and have some kind of challenge. (i mean game time, no REAL time) of course who in the first time you ended the game., THanks

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Geneforge 1 isn't timed like that. I suggest you play as fast as you can, and than try beating your own time. Try it on easy so you'll finish fast, than play again on torment and try to beat your easy time.

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