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AuthorTopic: Help with creatures
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I heard that new creatures you make, for example, after you increase your fire shaping, are better than the old ones you kept and battled with you. How does this change with Geneforge 2. :confused:
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I think that creature creation in Geneforge 2 is similar to that of G1. You do have more variety and there may be some tweaking as far as statistics, but it keeps within the same ballpark.

If you have a creature since the beginning of the game, and you've been taking care of it, raising the stats and so on, it will get very powerful. On the other hand, some of the later creatures are awesome, though. When I played both games as Shaper I had a Fyora for the longest time. But, when I was able to create drakes I got rid of the fyora and had an army of only drakes, but that's just me.

When you can create more powerful creatures see how they perform as opposed to the one you have and see if they fit your game play better.


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