Corata's new body

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AuthorTopic: Corata's new body
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What is this all about? Last time I was here I decided to help the Mind & killed Corata (the spectre Shaper), but this time I tried talking to him first. When I did he asked me to FIND HIM A NEW BODY (him shouting, not me) but doesn't give any clues.
Please help.
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You can't. I believe the game itself tells you that it's impossible. He's just deranged enough to believe that you might be able to.

Just kill him and take his stuff.

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Poor old Corata is just toast, and spectral toast at that. I forgot about his quest for a new body, but it isn't a real quest, just one of those spooky little touches that make GF good -- like the Barzite ghost in the GF2 Demonic Depot. Later in the game you may find a further reference to Corata's fate.

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