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AuthorTopic: Alorael
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SM, you've just broken the CoC in a major way again. Flaming another member and blatant profanity, to be precise.

—Alorael, who will lock this topic now. Everyone, please stop attacking the spammers, real or perceived. SM, please stop spamming, cursing, and insulting.
I bet you already know why I'm pissed at you already. You know, I'm not an idiot like you think. I fogured out that you always say that to me, say I break the coc. You never say that to anyone else in other topics, as far as I have seen. You never 'told' on Alec for cussing. What about TM? He cusses all the time. I let it out on him cause he lets it out on me. All I do is fight back, and all you ever do is blame me? Here's what I say:

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SM: Veiled cursing is also against the CoC. I am also warning you to clean up your act or face the consequences. Alorael was quie right.

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TM is not in the right, but neither are you. TM has been warned, and so have you, but just because they're not in the same post doesn't mean that they're not there.

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