If You've Never Posted, Read This.

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AuthorTopic: If You've Never Posted, Read This.
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Soon, all accounts that have never posted will be deleted. This is to clear the database of the huge number of spam accounts that were created but never used to make spam.

If you want to preserve your account, please post something here. It doesn't have to have anything useful. Or even words, really.

Don't worry. This won't damage your lurker status. :)

- Jeff Vogel

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can you post if u do have posts?

oops i just did

you will submit to my will...MindDuel!
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Anyone who spams this thread and who has over 5 posts will rapidly become the recipient of inordinate amounts of wrath. Don't do it, please.

—Alorael, who wants this thread to be a helpful and nurturing place where lurkers can feel safe and free to de-lurk, at least temporarily.
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It's not enough that I beta test, I have to post on the forums now too? ;-)
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