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AuthorTopic: Diversity
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That makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Thanks.

But back on topic. Does anyone wish there was the choice of arabic on the poll?

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No, the only member I know of who could remotely fall under that category is Infernal, but she hasn't posted in ages.

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*gigantic facepalm*

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Hey, at least that might get her to return. I'm sure all liberal Israeli citizens love it when Americans think that Arabic is somehow native to them. But then again, we aren't well known for either our intelligence or tact when it comes to other countries.

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If Americans had any idea the ethnic and cultural make-up of the Middle East, we might be a lot better off right now.

I mean, everyone over there is just a Muslim Arab in an Islamic government, right? What do you mean, "at least four problems" with that statement?

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