The Third Rail

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AuthorTopic: The Third Rail
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The third rail, in case you didn't know, is the rail that carries electricity in a subway. In a more common, metaphorical sense, it's used to describe something that is not to be trod upon - or else. That is, some particular issue that will immediately alienate everyone but a few nutjobs from someone.

So, a few questions:

1) On a political level, what issue/issues comprise the third rail for you? That is to say - not just an issue you feel strongly about, but an issue that a candidate could not take the opposing stance on without unconditionally losing your vote.

2) What's the personal third rail for you? What would it take to immediately - and, again, unconditionally - destroy your opinion of and relationship with a person?
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La Canaliste
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*tenderly draws blade across the throat of a topic which openly invites controversy*
*feels the love from Alec*

But it's the unsquandered youth that is truly wasted.

Deep down, you know you should have voted for Alcritas!
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