Problem with casting magic that hits multiple targets in Avernum 1!

AuthorTopic: Problem with casting magic that hits multiple targets in Avernum 1!
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When I use an attack, for example, level 2 Smite where I can get 5 targets, am I able to attack less than 5 targets? I click on all the targets and it still wants me to click more before I can attack. Smite's my only attack my Cleric has right now and now he feels kinda useless. Thank you in advance, hope you guys understand my problem and hopefully it's an easy solution.
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Pressing space does the trick, IIRC.
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You press the space bar once you have finished putting targets. This should really go in the Avernum Trilogy forum.

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You can just press a key to trigger the spell early. The key is Spacebar, if I remember correctly. Or it could be Enter.

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